20 for 2020: Close the Dang Door!

(Limitation and Control of Network Ports, Protocols, and Services)

Originally from David’s Linkedin:

In Wisconsin today, the low temp is -11. I love the cold; winter is the best season and I won’t hear any arguments to the contrary.

But just because I like the cold doesn’t give me license to leave the windows open at home. My own preferences aren’t the only consideration.

Your network has windows & doors too. They can be opened & closed for a variety of reasons: greater functionality, increased convenience, ease of access, etc. But any informationsecurity pro worth their salt will tell you that every time you add more convenience/access/etc, you very likely add more cybersecurity risk, because a clever hacker can scan the exterior of your network, and if they find an open door, they’re likely going to walk through.

Today’s lesson is simple: enable reasonable & appropriate limits & controls on the windows & doors of your network.

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