20 for 2020: Know What You Have

(Hardware Management Edition)

Originally from David Kruse’s LinkedIn:

Tetra Defense brings you chapter 1 of 20 for 2020: “Know What You Have (Hardware Management Edition)”

The goal with this series is going to be simple. Bring information security to the people. No one is expecting you to become an expert in cybersecurity, but the reality of modern business is that everyone needs to be at least conversant in it.

In each chapter, I’m going to take one of the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Security Controls, and break them down one layperson to another. Short videos, around 1min each.

Get in, get some knowledge, and get on with your day.

Together, we’ll begin to know enough to be dangerous. Today’s topic: hardware asset inventories, because you can’t secure what you don’t know you exists.

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