20 for 2020: Live From New York, it’s 20 for 2020!

(Part 1)

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Ch 13 of Tetra Defense’s #20for2020: “Live From New York, It’s 20for2020! [part 1]”

It only took three visits, two conferences, and one unbelievable bowl of pork belly ramen to convince me that New York is a city worth returning to.

Last week, Nathan Little & I traveled to the 2020 Professional Liability Underwriting Society’s Cyber Symposium so he could rock the stage during a panel discussion on cyber insurance, business interruption, and ways to minimize losses.

While we were there, it was impossible to miss how connected the city is, from the digital advertisements to the surveillance cameras to the subways, data is streaming into & out of just about everything.

Your business is no different. Every business is becoming a digital business, and that means that your operations are producing data at unprecedented rates.

You probably want to keep that data for yourself, right?

If so, having a data loss prevention program (including barriers within the network as well as software to track when data is being exfiltrated) is critical to your #cybersecurity program.

Information security doesn’t just happen. You have to make it happen.

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