20 for 2020: Two is Better Than One

(Data Recovery Capabilities)

Originally from David’s Linkedin:

Almost everyone knows what ransomware is by now; it’s been all over the news for well over a year. What’s common in almost every case is that the organization’s cybersecurity program failed in backing up their systems properly.

In this case, “properly” is doing a lot of heavy lifting. Most businesses think that if they have some sort of backup tool in place, they can check the box & move on.

But backups are often misunderstood & therefore not implemented properly.

For a backup to have a prayer of saving you, it needs to be: automatic, regular, complete, tested, operationally relevant (4 week restore time is unacceptable), secure, and offline.

If you’ve achieved these objectives, then you’ve improved your information security program substantially.

If you haven’t, then you’re fighting a battle with a shield made of cardboard. Looks strong, but looks can, and often are, deceiving.

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