20 for 2020: Wait, Didn’t He Talk About This Already?

(Live From New York: Part 2)

Originally from David’s Linkedin:

Ch 14 of Tetra Defense’s #20for2020: “Wait, didn’t he talk about this already?”

One last dispatch from NYC after the recent Professional Liability Underwriting Society Cyber Symposium. And it’s on a topic that will sound familiar to regular viewers of this series.

In an earlier chapter, we talked about a foundational information security idea: the principle of least privilege. Employees get access to the systems & data they need to do their job; no more, no less.

Well, that idea is so important that it comes back again today. Except this time, we’re expanding the idea from just employee’s access to the controls that will limit various programs’ & systems’ access to data that they should not have access to.

Good cybersecurity means building reasonable & appropriate barriers into your systems.

And like a pair of figure skaters, anticipating the moves their partner will make to put themselves in an advantageous position, it means anticipating the moves someone #hacking you will take once they enter your network and limiting their access before they’ve accessed anything.

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