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Tetra Defense Announces Development of Beacon™, an Information Security Compliance Platform for CMMC Preparation, Seeks Pilot Program Participants

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In response to the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements recently released by the Department of Defense (DoD), Tetra Defense announces the current development of Beacon™ – a tool to help businesses prepare for CMMC certification. Beacon™ is a hybrid solution combining the features and functions of a project management web application with the knowledge base and available expertise of the Tetra Cyber Risk Management team. Tetra Defense is seeking users to join its Pilot Program, a pre-release user group to share feedback as part of the product development process.

“CMMC is a giant leap in the right direction to ensure our nation’s defense contractors have the proper protections in place, but many defense contractors may not feel confident about their ability to identify and implement its stated requirements,” said Scott Holewinski, CEO of Tetra Defense. “That’s why we are building Beacon, a web application full of explanations, recommendations, and clear to-do lists for defense contractors to understand what’s required so they can get to work. To take it a step further, when users have questions or need help implementing one of the requirements, the Tetra Defense team is there to guide them through the process.”

The first version of Beacon™ is planned to be publicly available in April 2020 and will include clear, comprehensive explanation of the CMMC requirements, collaborative features for teams to work together, progress tracking, and more. The goal of Beacon™ is to empower organizations to truly own their CMMC preparation and certification.

“Cybersecurity is not an exercise in checking boxes; it’s about building a program,” said Wes Gill, Vice President of Product at Tetra Defense. “Beacon empowers customers to efficiently achieve cybersecurity milestones and establish a sustainable program to protect themselves from ever-evolving threats.”

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Join our Pilot Program for exclusive updates, opportunities to provide feedback, and early access to Beacon™, our latest solution combining tech and professional expertise to help you prepare for CMMC.

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